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Let’s make a pledge and join hands to save Virginia from Non-source Pollution!

Our valued Clients, well-wishers and Friends

Warmest Greetings!

Mahesh Singh DangolIt has been three years since the “Eco-Friendly Lawn and Landscaping” (ELL) started providing its services in Virginia. In the buzzing crowd of landscaping companies, we initially felt lost with obvious teething troubles and our inability to grasp the nuances of the trade. ┬áThe road was not strewn with roses but the nobility of our mission to revive the “organic splendor” of Virginia prodded us to soldier on.

Now, we have carved a niche with the only landscaping company that provides and campaigns for organic revolution in Virginia. Our efforts have been supported by environment-conscious Virginia denizens who have started adopting organic measures by discarding synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. The warm reception and the overwhelming response we got from our valued clients acts as a shot of adrenaline to us, thereby giving us the will to excel and innovate.

Our slogan is: “Think Eco! Live Eco!” As we are all aware of the fact that the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals negatively impacts not only the health of our lawn and landscape but also animals, pets, our children and ourselves, it has become extremely necessary to adopt organic lifestyle.

We have started this blog especially as a tool to provide information to our clients in general and the issues of lawn and landscaping in particular. We will be sharing our experiences through this blog and expect feedback and comments.

With a renewed zeal to make Virginia an organic zone!

On behalf of ELL Family

Mahesh Singh Dangol

Managing Director

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